Our Business Model

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iGenerate offers offshore outsourcing and software development services to the customers globally. We offer these services with an intention that helps our customers to gel with their business strategy. With the rising competition, unique customer’s needs and customers having numerous options available in the software development markets, it’s really difficult for the companies to stick to one business model. Flexibility is the key answer to address the rising situational needs which also is sometimes based on the circumstances.
At iGenerate, you have an option of selecting various business model and also combination of these business models to accommodate any simple or complex needs. Our business models are designed to give you a strategic advantage while helping you to reduce the costs, overcome market barriers and remove your IT annoyance. The business models are devised to complement your current business needs by leveraging on our technical knowhow, skill sets and experience and make value additions as a part of our day to day job. You have the option of shifting to any business model at any point in time. To know more on each of the Business Models, please read below.
Fixed price business model is one of the most common and preferred business models in the software development services area. This model is most familiar and frequently used when customers already have predefined requirements, project scope and know what are the final deliverables required. A project with detailed specification and schedules ideally fits in this category. In this model, our estimation team initially submits the estimates based on the project scope and complexity. Thereafter, iGenerate and you as a customer agree to a fixed price and the related defined timelines for the project. iGenerate has excelled in this model with its experienced team. We ensure you quality deliverables within the pre-scheduled time frame and budget. You as a customer would pay at the mutually agreed price based on milestone completion.
Advantage of Fixed Price Model
  • Limited risk as the scope, cost and timeliness are fixed at the beginning of the project.
  • Strategic business advantage to the client as fixed priced projects ensures speedy completion.
The only disadvantage with this model is that it tends to be less flexible when it comes to accommodating the change request and new features additions are concerned.

Time and Material business model is lucrative and best suited for the customers who have the need to change designs and specifications frequently. In other words, if you have the project where in the scope and specification is not easy to define, which mostly happens in large size projects, then Time and Material based option would be beneficial for such scalable needs. The customer has complete control over the development process and iterations.

The customer has the flexibility in defining and changing the needs and also in terms of the controlling the associated cost factor. The project cost here is based on the time consumed and the corresponding resource/s deployed. You pay based on the hourly development effort OR on the Week OR monthly basis depending on the size and team structure.

Advantages of this model
  • High degree of flexibility to change the specifications
  • Benefit of applying diverse skills at the same time.
  • Accommodate unplanned activities
  • Change project resources based upon your evolving requirements
  • Flexibility to change to Fixed priced model if the project scope is freezed.

If you have a need for continuous IT services, if you have lots of software development work to be outsourced and if you have the constant need for availing software services, then dedicated development teams or Staff Augmentation facility would be an ideal option. This model ensures you of long term relationships and the dedicated center would act like a virtual extension of your own operating environment. The client would define the type of work it would outsource and the skill levels that the offshore partner should provide. The client would also project the resource ramp up required every quarter, if any. All necessary infrastructure support like the hardware, software’s, internet, VOIP, Messenger and all that is needed to support this association would be provided by us. We will engage an account / relationship manager to manage all that is required

At iGenerate, under this model, we believe in replicating your IT environment, imparting training to our teams members so that they are tuned up to your needs, setting up communication channel, establishing security systems and integrating our development processes to ensure that the offshore team here is a virtual extension of the your development facilities. At iGenerate, you are also ensured about transparent project management coupled with high-speed communication infrastructure, with full control over the offshore team.

A Hybrid model is combination of any of the business models that would suit and fits in the best interest of the customer. This model can also be based on the need of the hour and complexity of the arising situations.