Automation is essential to Digital Success

Quality Assurance Dubai, like in any other location, refers to the systematic process of ensuring that products, services, or processes meet established standards and fulfill customer requirements. In the context of Dubai, which is known for its thriving business environment and commitment to excellence, Quality Assurance Dubai plays a crucial role in various industries to maintain high-quality deliverables and customer satisfaction. As business demands put more on organisation to speed cycle time for new digital services, enterprises must embrace automation more than ever before. This requires

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Mobile Testing

mobile testing is a critical aspect of Quality Assurance  for businesses and organizations that develop mobile applications. As business demands put more on organization to speed cycle time for new digital services, enterprises must embrace automation more than ever before. This requires,

  • 5+ mobility experts
  • 80+ Mobile apps tested
  • 1148 Sq Ft Testing centre
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Move to Automation Testing from Manual Testing as per client requirement.

Resource Allocated: QA Manager-1, QA-3

Duration: 15 months + counting

Country: Dubai

Problem Statement: With the changing time and market, client requires move to Automation testing instead of Manual Testing.

Solution: We immediately changed the project from Manual from Automation testing using Selenium Webdriver for Web testing, Appium for Mobile Testing, Mochajs and Chaijs for API Testing. Provided extensively graphical reports to client for each and every test cases and it has take 15 Months successful service and counting.

Implementation services for a giant application. Resource Allocated: QA Manager-1, QA-5 Duration: 10 months + counting Country: Europe Problem Statement: The client had some prior disappointment from couple of agencies thus, they were looking for a Technology partner that can sort the mess and also provide expert service. Solution: The biggest problem with team is that to handle the code which has been previously developed by some other agencies. Our technical team understand the code very quickly and start implement and resurface the available code within 10 days and provide satisfactory result to client and client is happy with the work.
Move to Automation Testing from Manual Testing as per client requirement.


Resource Allocated: QA Manager-1, QA-3

Duration: 2 Years + counting

Country: Canada

Problem Statement: To automate test cases for admin and user portals of their core application for different OS Operating Systems and browser combinations using Selenium Webdriver. To expand the scope of test automation to cover all the major functionalities of user portal such as Review Management, Points calculation, Receipt Uploading etc… To apply test automation for major functionalities covered as part of admin portal as well for adding Promo codes, Review Approval, Receipt Approval etc…

Solution: iGenerate developed a utility using browser stack to execute multiple scripts at a time in different browser/OS combinations that helped to identify functional issues in different browsers and proceeded with the test automation.

Our client is a U.S. based global leader in cloud business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM). A cloud-based solution that allows companies and nonprofits of all sizes to enhance the strategic value of their finance organizations and elevate their CPM cycle.

Resource Allocated: QA Manager-1, QA-3

Duration: 3 Years + counting

Country: USA

Problem Statement: Client adds new products on a regular basis, currently we are handling 6 products. Our team was responsible to automate their feature including manual testing which was very challenging. Client also required real time updates to critical issues which were possible to affect the release. Deployment was also a challenge because at times we received builds frequently to deploy and test. In a couple of products we got the implementation very close to release.

Solution: Assign resources for each major/minor projects with one module lead and individual responsible of his/her module. Seeing the QA skill set, we scheduled training of products – this saved time. It’s wasn’t possible to automate all test cases in parallel to release but we found a solution to it – Identify the p1 test cases, reviewed it first with development team to make sure that around these cases there are no more development changes, finally we automated the approved test cases to reduce the maintenance part. To have better coordination, we allotted QAs in different shifts to have more overlapping hours, it worked well for us and the client as well. QA involvements from Day-1 helped in understanding the product and plan the QA Cycle effectively.