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Sahl Mobile Solution

Sahl’s offers a one-stop mobile solution that seamlessly integrates with all food apps, simplifying the management of both dine-in and delivery orders for restaurant staff. With our platform, navigating the bustling food market becomes intuitive and efficient. Our system allows you to seamlessly run multiple brands within a single kitchen, which can increase orders up to 3X without the need to expand. Additionally, Sahl’s Mobile Solution enables businesses to process payments and conduct transactransactions using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Sahl offers benefits such as mobility, cost-efficiency, flexibility, improved customer experience, inventory management, and analytics. Its features can vary based on the chosen software and hardware, and compliance with payment security standards is crucial.

Sahl KDS

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a crucial part of a restaurant’s setup, replacing paper orders with digital displays in the kitchen. It efficiently transmits and organises customer orders, streamlining kitchen operations by eliminating paper tickets, providing real-time communication, tracking order times, and offering customisation options. The KDS also integrates seamlessly with other management systems, making it especially valuable in busy restaurants.

Sahl Back-office

In Sahl, the Back Office is a crucial software tool that empowers restaurant owners and managers to efficiently oversee operations. the software handling tasks like KDS,Account management,Stock control, scheduling, It streamlines ,simplifies menu management, handles employee scheduling and payroll, provides data-driven insights, fosters customer relationships, manages finances, ensures data security, and offers remote access. This comprehensive solution enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and boosts the restaurant’s profitability and customer experience.

AI based personalised menu

Our AI-powered menu personalization enhances dining experiences, tailoring choices to individual tastes, boosting online presence, and driving restaurant profitability.

Zero commissions for online ordering

Zero commissions. Get direct customer orders on your restaurant’s website within 2 minutes. Our tool seamlessly integrates, simplifying setup and boosting your online presence instantly.

Online Ordering Efficiency

Sahl’s restaurant management software allows you to manage all operations from one spot, simplifying your workflow and saving time.

QR-Code Based Ordering

QR code ordering transforms dining with options for in-house, pickup, and drive-thru. Users benefit from streamlined payment, order tracking, and reduced wait times, while restaurants gain an all-in-one solution, enhancing employee efficiency and profitability.

Share your kitchen

Share your kitchen space. We empower restaurants to launch multiple virtual brands, boosting their profile by up to 35% while utilizing the same staff and equipment resources efficiently.

Digital Invoice Solutions

Embracing green tech, we eliminate the need for multiple printed invoices through Sahl’s Kitchen Display System and sending invoices directly to customers’ mobiles or emails. This not only saves costs but also maintains digital records for future reference.

Kitchen Display Solutions

It is a digital screen that manages customer orders for restaurants It shows whether your order is being prepared,running, served or completed.

Real-Time WhatsApp Reporting

We employ a WhatsApp bot to provide real-time reporting and invoice support to end customers, ensuring restaurant owners stay constantly updated with live information.